TADpole 2022

Katie Lamb is an artist living with diabetes. She worked with our young people to help them to create their own diabetes ‘Super Heroes’.

TADpole 2019

This year we held a performance workshop led by Jade Byrne and Conrad Murray. Jade has type 1 diabetes and has toured the UK with her show 'pricks'. Conrad has been pioneering new forms of theatre, experimenting with hip hop culture and theatre. He's been writing and performing regularly around the UK and he leads the BAC Beatbox Academy.

The TADpole performance can be seen here

TADpole 2018

The aim of the 2018 TADpole day was for the young people attending to create an encouraging video to show to someone of a similar age who has just been diagnosed. The young people involved used their creativity to plan the content and to get involved in the production of the video. They showed great enthusiasm and had many words of wisdom and insight.

The video below is the outcome of a really fun day and we hope that other young people with diabetes will find it helpful.

The day was run and produced in collaboration with Digibete. DigiBete is a video platform to share videos and educational resources about Type 1 Diabetes. Their content is designed to help support children, young people and families self manage their own diabetes by extending the reach of clinical teams online. You can find out more about them here

TADpole 2017

In 2017 we held the first TADpole event for young people with diabetes and siblings aged 8-12 years. The day started in the main lecture theatre to hear Jen Grieves and Gavin Griffiths talk about their experiences.

The second session of the day was an outdoor fun interactive session learning about diabetes in the context of exercise and games organised by Gavin Griffiths founder of Diathlete.

The final part of the day was a Q&A session with Gavin and Thomas Raeymaekers from the team Novo professional cycling team. The conversation was facilitated by Halina Flannery, a paediatric psychologist who works with young people with Type 1 diabetes.

My TAD experience by Verity

The TAD event was really inspiring to me and many other fellow diabetics. The day got off to a great start when I heard the first talk of the day from my idol Jen Grieves. She gave the clear message that even though living with T1 can be a struggle, we should never take the frustration we may feel out on ourselves, as Stephen Dixon the host of the day said we should make friends with our T1.

Next up we heard from Gavin the Diathlete! What I found most inspiring was hearing about all his amazing achievements that he had accomplished. He told us later that he even ran 5km in just 18 minutes!! My family took 3 hours to walk 5km for JDRF recently so he?s pretty fast! Nothing can stop us T1?s! I then joined in the TADpole activities with the other kids. At the end of the day I finally got to meet Jen Grieves in person, of course I had to be hypo at the time but she kindly sat with me on the floor whilst we had a good chat and my BGs came back up. Yay! What a day!